Partnership Opportunities

Partnership Opportunities

Illiana Christian High School has served the community since 1945 by advancing God’s Kingdom through the training of young men and women with a strong, quality Christ-centered education. In order to continue this commitment, Illiana needs the consistent and generous support of the people in the community who share the goals of the school and want to see it prosper.

At Illiana we try to match the needs of the school with the giving interests of those who want to support our mission and purpose. The school has many different funds with very different purposes, and all of them need continued support. If you prefer to direct your gift to one of Illiana’s special funds to support a particular part of Illiana’s service, these are some of the opportunities available to you:

The General Operating Fund

The day to day expenses of the school are paid out of this fund, such as teacher salaries and gas/electric bills. A gift to this fund will have the most direct benefit on those who are teaching and learning here today. Most of the money for this fund comes in the form of tuition; however, gifts from the community can have a very large impact.

The Illiana Fund

Also known as the Annual Fund. This fund is primarily supported by an annual drive.

The Tuition Assistance Fund

Families who can demonstrate financial need and have exhausted any help available from their church can apply for up to 25% assistance from the school. This fund often makes it possible for families who want an Illiana education for their children but cannot afford it.

The ICHS Foundation

This fund was established with a vision to provide an ongoing annual financial benefit to our families. Every student in the school will receive a $170 discount this year from the interest earned in the Foundation, which is a total grant of $88,400! As the foundation continues to grow we will be able to lessen the tuition burden on all Illiana families.

If you have any questions or need more information about any of these funds, or other funds at Illiana Christian High School, please contact Peter Boonstra at 708-474-0515 ext. 33.

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