Kim VR

Come check us out! Caring teachers and fantastic facilities!

Calvin Scott

I have been associated with Illiana for over 50 years–as a teacher for 33 yrs, as an administrator for 11 years, and now am serving on the Illiana Board of Trustees. I also spend time serving as a substitute teacher there. I say all this to substantiate what I know about the school. I have had my 4 children graduate from Illiana and now have a granddaughter there. And I can say that Illiana has served them very well, helping to grow academically as well as spiritually. My children have gone on to graduate from college as well as from graduate school. They are all active in their respective Christian communities. Illiana gave them the basis for doing all of this. Illiana has a caring faculty, a rigorous curriculum, and yet is comprehensive, meaning that it has offerings that can fit every student’s needs. Along with homerooms, praise crowds, chapel, etc. Illiana is truly a community of Christian teenagers. I would heartily recommend Illiana to any student who desires this kind of education.


ICHS has been a blessing to our family. We have had 3 children go through the school system, and we have our last child in the school now. ICHS has prepared our girls for college, where they all have received many scholarships to help with the cost of higher education. Teachers are always willing to help students with any help they need with their assignments.


Teachers care for the students above and beyond what other schools have to offer. Not only in their field of teaching but also spiritually, teachers assist their students in growing.


I enjoyed attending Illiana Christian, made wonderful friends, great teachers, and friendly staff. The clubs are a way to meet new people and our Volunteer Days were meaningful.


Since my daughter entered high school, she has found a new love for learning. The staff has shown her love and has made education exciting for her. I could never be more proud of her and our new family (Illiana Christian School)

Nick Kramer

Best high school experience yet!

Sue Waring Rubien

Excellent school!!! I am so very happy with them. From the teachers to support staff they are all great.

Caleb Lagerwey

The teachers really cared about us and our growth spiritually, academically, socially, etc. For the size of the school, the extra-curricular options were very impressive and well-run; the music and arts programs receive roughly equal treatment as the athletic programs. The academics were second-to-none and prepared us well for colleges and careers alike.


This school is amazing! The teacher truly cares about the kids who attend. here. I have 2 children who attend and will soon have another joining them in a couple of years. I wouldn’t even think about my kids going to any other private or public school.


My four years at Illiana Christian has been the greatest experience. The teachers pour so much into the students. Also, Illiana really emphasizes the Christian part of Illiana Christian, and for that, I am so thankful. The people and atmosphere is a place where I have loved to be. Every part of Illiana has impacted me.


Illiana is a great school that prepared my children very well for college. It is academically challenging. The teachers and staff give individualized attention to students and genuinely care about them. The new building is beautiful with lots of natural light and comfortable places for sitting and visiting in the community.


Our sons received an excellent education at Illiana. All were prepared for college and those taking AP courses received credit in college for passing the tests. They were involved in band and sports programs which were very successful. We really appreciated the teaching staff and their concern for our kids. Above all, our sons’ faith was encouraged to grow in homerooms, classes, clubs and Praise Crowd. We definitely recommend Illiana!


I loved that Illiana Christian High School made you feel welcomed. It allowed you to find your place in school whether that be in music, art, theatre, chapel, academics, or athletics. Illiana offered such a positive experience in all those categories and most importantly created an environment where students were able to grow closer to God as well.

Patty De Boer

What an amazing group of people works here! We were blessed to use the lower gym for a fundraiser for our daughter Grace DeBoer-Sullivan. They offered all kinds of help, suggestions as well as setting up and taking down. They opened both the facility and their hearts to us. Thank you and may God bless the building of your new facility.

Carol Oostman Turkstra

I want to say how wonderful Illiana Christian High is. I have a son who works there, grandchildren, and others in my extended family that went there. The school teaches Christian values to the children every day in everything they do whether it is in class, sports, prayer chapel and at home. Not only do they get a great education they become a great asset to our communities. My family loves Illiana!!


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