Referral Program

Some of our families initially heard about Illiana Christian High School through a personal referral from an existing school family.  We would like to thank families for promoting our school to their friends by giving them a $500 tuition credit for every new family they refer to the school who enrolls.  

  • The New Student Referral Program is open to all parents or legal guardians with an enrolled student in grades 9 – 12, or who previously had a student enrolled at Illiana.
  • Tuition credits will be given for referring new families to the school. To qualify for the credit, referred students cannot have a sibling currently or previously enrolled at Illiana. 
  • To qualify, the prospective family must list the name of the referring family on the application for admission. Once the application is submitted, the referral opportunity is closed. 
  • All new students must meet Illiana’s regular admission criteria. 
  • Tuition credits will be applied to the referring family’s account in March of the new student’s first year at Illiana, provided that the new student is still enrolled at that time. Referring families who paid their current year’s tuition in full will receive the credit on the next year’s tuition. 
  • No cash payments will be made to school families. 
  • Referring families may choose to give their referral tuition credit to another enrolled family, including the family they referred. 
  • Referring families who do not have a student currently enrolled at Illiana or will not have an enrolled student in the next school year may designate a current family to receive their referral tuition credit, or may have it applied to Illiana’s Tuition Assistance Fund.
  • Arrangements for gifting a credit must be made with the Tuition Accounts Manager before February 1.
  • Interpretation of program parameters will be at the discretion of the Principal. 
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