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P.I.E. Volunteers

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Parents Involved in Education (P.I.E.) raises funds for the Excellence in Education program at Illiana Christian High School. P.I.E. is administered by a board of parents. Through the efforts of many volunteers, significant financial contributions are made each year to fund classroom purchases not covered by tuition. In addition, P.I.E offers lunch to students at cost. To encourage volunteer participation at the school, each Illiana family is assessed a “P.I.E. fee” of $250.00, which is billed on tuition statements in December. When parents volunteer, they will receive credit on their tuition statement to offset this fee. Please review the following programs:

Lunch Program

Lunch is offered to students five days a week. All lunches are pre-ordered and pre-paid, a month in advance on ParentsWeb. Lunch ordering will be open from the 1st through the 10th of each month. An email with detailed instructions will be sent to remind you when the lunch ordering “window” is open. Emergency lunches are available on a very limited basis and cash only. Drinks include free milk, white or chocolate; orange juice is also available and may be pre-ordered for $0.50. Other drinks, such as Gatorade, water and flavored water are available for cash purchase during lunch. Click here to sign up.


SCRIP is a tuition reduction program which can be started at any time. SCRIP gift cards or certificates are ordered online for everyday items like groceries, fuel, clothing, restaurants, gifts, etc. A percentage of your purchase is credited to your tuition account. Online ordering is available at Instructions and forms are available on our website by clicking here. For any SCRIP questions, please email the SCRIP Coordinator Jill Rozendal at


A big fundraiser is the catering service. The traditional Illiana dinner is offered as well as outside catering services. For questions regarding a dinner at Illiana, please contact Terri Schaaf at 708-259-0749. Click here to sign up.


A list of volunteer opportunities can be viewed here. To sign up, use a desktop or laptop. Mobile devices are not a dependable method. If you have a problem with the link, copy and paste it into your browser. For assistance, contact Shaynee Pierce at

Volunteering must be completed by a responsible member of your family (grandparent, parent, friend, or adult relative). When you sign up to participate in an event, you must be on time. If you find that you cannot participate on your assigned day or time, you must find your own responsible replacement in order to receive your P.I.E. credit. Click here to sign up.




  • Lunches:   Each lunch spot is worth $50.00 P.I.E. credit. You may sign up for as many lunches as you would like, but a maximum of $250.00 P.I.E. credit can be earned per family.
  • Dinners:   The following three volunteer positions are on an as-needed basis. These are not guaranteed. You may sign up for one, two, or all three jobs. You will be called in the order signed up on
  • Dinner Preparers: You will need to arrive by 9 am on the day of the dinner. For this job you will be peeling potatoes/vegetables, cutting up the lettuce and helping the cook. You will receive $62.50 P.I.E. credit for each dinner worked. You may bring an adult partner to receive $125.00 credit.
  • Table Setters: You will need to be at school around 2:30 pm on the day of the dinner. You will receive $62.50 P.I.E. credit for each dinner worked. You may bring an adult partner to receive $125.00 credit.
  • Dinner Server:  You will need to arrive at school about 5:00 pm the day of the dinner and stay until everything is cleaned up (about 9:00 – 9:30 pm). You will receive $125.00 P.I.E. credit for working the dinner, but may sign up with an adult partner to receive the full $250.00 credit.
  • Other Opportunities Kitchen Cleaning and Wednesday Night Salad Prep.

Please note that if your child transfers out of Illiana during the school year, your tuition account will only be credited for volunteer activities completed up to that point. For any other questions about Parents Involved in Education, contact Melissa Vis at 219-808-1060.

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