3/24 Devotions

24 Mar 2020

Tuesday, March 24, 2020:


Think back to your elementary school days for a moment. Remember when your teacher uttered that glorious phrase, “When you finish, you may have free time”? That phrase was like a Christmas present in the middle of a cold, February day. Free time was a commodity that wasn’t given often, so when it was, I would find myself quickly finishing up the task that was asked of me to complete so that I could get back to that Encyclopedia Brown or Babysitter’s Club book that was stashed in my desk.


What about you? Today? How will you spend the gift of free time if you find yourself having some?


So often we find ourselves telling others that we aren’t available to fill the void of an opportunity we could be a part of because “we just don’t have the time”. Or, giving excuses as to why homework, a presentation or a project isn’t handed in on the proper due date. While those same excuses are being given, we’re busy posting on Instagram, snapping with twelve different people (almost simultaneously) and making plans for the weekend. 


I want to look at a part of the Bible from Ephesians that was briefly mentioned in yesterday’s devotions. “Be very careful, then, how you live – not as unwise, but as wise.”


Paul begins with “Be very careful”. Not just “be careful”, but he uses the adverb “very” in the first part of that sentence in order to lay down this command in a stern way. It’s like when you’re headed out driving on a snowy night and your mom says as you go out the door, “Be very careful! I just have to say it!” You know that you have to be careful, no one ever leaves the house saying, “Well, tonight seems like a good night to get into an accident.” No! Your mom  also shares that she “just had to say it” because if she’s like me, she’ll feel better that the words came out of her mouth 🙂


Paul goes on to say to the Ephesians that they need to be careful how they live, not as unwise, but as wise. This also encompasses the fact that they need to use their time wisely and in making good choices.


Using your time wisely for you as high school students goes beyond how much screen time you use a day. It also means reaching out beyond what makes you comfortable. Going to that event at school that perhaps your friends aren’t going to, but in doing so, you might actually meet some new people to add into your horseshoe of friends (remember that chapel back in November that Mr. Davids and Miss Johnson gave?) Or, joining a Club next Fall that *you* actually want to be a part of, not just because it’s the Club your friends are signing up for.


In closing today, I challenge you to think about using this last quarter of this year wisely when you are given “free time”. Let that “free time” turn into quality time well spent. 

by Illiana Christian High School



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