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Q & A

Will we be able to use the Indiana tuition vouchers when Illiana is in Dyer? Illiana has already begun the process of becoming eligible to be an Indiana Choice school, which will allow us to accept state vouchers from qualified families.

Will there be transportation available to the new campus? Illiana will provide point-to-point bus service from Calvin Christian School in South Holland, Lansing Christian School, and Highland Christian School for a small registration fee. Students do not need to have attended those schools to use the bus. The office will also help connect Illiana families who are interested in carpooling.

Is it true that tuition will go up to pay for the new campus? There will be a modest increase, as there is almost every year. However, as promised, the Illiana School Board is committed to keeping tuition for the coming year under $10,000.

Is the building project on schedule? Yes! Sometimes it is hard to believe, but we are on schedule to be able to take occupancy in the middle of the summer and be ready for classes to begin in August.

Is the ARC is fully funded?  Yes! We have raised $2.7 million over the last year specifically for the ARC. ARC stands for Arts, Recreation, Community. The ARC is the place where chapel, drama productions and athletics will take place. The ARC will be completed along with Phase 1.

Will there be a coffee shop in the new building? Yes! If you read the Spiritual Development article in the previous issue of the Spectator, you know the importance of coffee and community in this generation of students. We will have a space in the main commons area where coffee and snacks will be available. We are still determining exactly what this will look like, but community is an essential part of what we do and we want to build as much space for community as possible.

Can I take a tour of the new building? Yes, please join us for tours at 10:00 a.m. on the following dates: February 24, March 17, April 28, May 19.

Will there be athletic fields? We will have soccer fields and are hoping to have baseball, softball, tennis and track as well. While we are working on these, we have made arrangements to play in other locations if we are not able to fund and complete these by the time school starts.

Is the capital campaign finished? Yes and no and everywhere in between. We are taking a break from publically fundraising for a while. We have been asking you for money for three years now and you have responded with amazing generosity. However, we are never taking a break from building hearts and minds of our students for Jesus. That has been our theme for the last year and a half as it is what we do and why we exist as a school. That takes resources and on top of that, we still have needs in order for us to be a fully functioning high school. So if you would like to talk about how you can help with our outstanding needs, we would love to have a conversation with you. Contact Lance Davids at 708-474-0515 x18.

Will the new building have new furniture? For a few years, it will be a mixture of old and new. We have been able to raise enough money to put new furniture in most of our classrooms and some office and common spaces. The furniture is important because it will help foster collaboration and 21st Century learning on top of allowing community to happen.

Is the new campus located in St. John or Dyer? Technically, we are in unincorporated Dyer. We expect to be annexed into St. John at some point

What if we have other questions regarding sports, academics, the arts, vouchers, or various other things regarding this historic move? During our tours of the new campus, we will address as many of those questions as possible. Also, over the next few months, we will be trying to address as many of these as possible in different forums. Just stay tuned. You can always call us

For regular updates on the campaign and building progress, check out our weekly blog at or our Facebook page (