Community Service Voucher

July 15, 2020

Illiana Christian High School values community service and we constantly strive to instill this value in our students.  One of the ways we are will do this is through our new exam voucher policy.  In past years, students earned the ability to exempt themselves from one exam during both the fall and spring semesters through maintaining good attendance.  However, beginning with the 2020-21 school year, we are making a policy change so that students will now earn their exam voucher by completing 10 hours of community service each semester.   

Students may earn a voucher by completing 10 hours of community service per semester.   These hours should be completed at any of the organizations recognized by Illiana Christian.  (A list of those organizations can be found here or on Illiana Christian High School’s website.)  In order for hours to be earned, students will need to contact the organizations to set up an appointment to serve.  At the end of that appointment, students will need to get the Community Service Log Sheet signed by their supervisor as well as sign the organization’s log sheet.  The students may turn their log sheets into Ms. Sara Johnson at any point during the semester, but no later than December 15th for the Fall Semester and May 15th for the Spring Semester.  All service hours completed and turned in will be logged in RenWeb within one week of submission.  If you don’t see your hours logged in RenWeb within one week of turning in your form, please email  These forms may be turned in at any time throughout the semester.  

Students may earn hours for their Fall voucher during Summer and Fall Break and for the Spring voucher during Christmas and Spring Break.  Mission Trips taken through the school or through church or other organization (with pre-approval from administration and Ms. Johnson) will earn a student two vouchers – one for the semester the trip was completed in and one for the following semester.

Please email any questions you have about the Illiana Christian High School service-learning voucher to

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