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Praise Crowd

Praise Crowd is an opportunity for students to gather and worship together outside of school time. Praise Crowd meets after Friday night boys' basketball games, Dodgeball and other times throughout the year. Pizza or Chick-fil-A sandwiches are served and the students are invited into the auditorium for a worship service. Praise Crowd is led by a committee of juniors and seniors, sponsored by Mr. Lance Davids and Mrs. Rachel Drost. The committee plans the evenings and recruits other students to help lead each service.

As Mr. Davids says, "On those Friday nights in the chapel, for those kids, it doesn’t matter what denomination you belong to. It doesn’t matter what grade in school you are.  It doesn’t matter what group in school you belong to.  It doesn’t matter what race or gender you are.  What matters is worshiping the risen Lord Jesus Christ, and that is beautiful.  The barriers that we so often have in worship at church and at school come down because of the realization that God is bigger than all of that.  These kids are worshiping together, in community.  We have been using a Hebrew phrase from Synagogue worship:  Chazok, Chazok, Venit Chazok.  This means “be strong, be strong, make each other strong.”  It is a call for the “church” to be the church and to love God first and each other second, so that is what these kids are trying to do.  It is really a beautiful thing."