For the 2016-2017 school year, the P.I.E. will be offering a rotating variety of lunch options. The full lunch calendar can be viewed on your ParentsWeb account. 


Ham & Cheese or Turkey & Cheese Sandwich on a Turano bun, with mustard and mayonnaise available - $2.75. Chips $0.50.
Hot Ham & Cheese Sandwich - $2.00. Chips $0.50


Jimboo’s Chicken Strips and Potato Wedges - $3.75. (These are only sold together.)
Pork Sandwich - $2.50. Chips $0.50.


A rotation of Arby’s ($1.50), Hot Dogs ($1.50), BBQ ($2.00), and Tacos ($1.50). Chips $0.50.


Lettuce Salad with tomatoes, cheese cubes, boiled egg, croutons and dressing - $2.50. Loaded baked potato - $2.00.
Mac & Cheese - $2.00


Pizza - $1.50/slice. No chips for sale.

Students can purchase lunch punch cards for $25 at the kitchen window during lunch.

Milk (2% or chocolate) and orange juice is available for purchase every day. Beverage punch cards are for sale for $20 in the concession stand. (Beverage cartons are $0.50/each if paying cash, $0.30/each if using the punch card.) Vending machines also offer diet pop, candy, chips, milk and juice.