Illiana Makerspace

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Who We Are:

Illiana Makerspace is a class of Senior engineering students who design, and build wooden accessories and decorations for the home using a laser-cutting machine and a CNC router.   The students must have completed 3 years of engineering/ STEM classes to be eligible for this class.   They use problem-solving skills to figure out the design of products and then use marketing and entrepreneurial skills to sell the products at retail and to various stores in the area.  

Custom Orders:  The Makerspace team specializes in designing and producing custom items.  Whether it’s a name plaque for a newborn baby or a laser-etched lake map they can produce just about anything made out of wood.   If you see something you like while browsing websites like Etsy or Pinterest, there is a good chance the Makerspace team can make the same thing at about ½ the price.  

How To Order:

Please send an email to

NOTE… If you are ordering a custom item please describe it in as much detail as possible.   Include the dimensions and a picture of the item if available.  We will be in touch ASAP to clarify any questions and provide a price quote and timeframe for the project. 


We also offer the following items for sale at the approximate price levels… to see price levels and size click on image below and scroll to the very bottom.

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