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Day of Giving- $20 Challenge

March 08, 2019
By Jenna Dutton

On March 14, Illiana will be holding a Day of Giving. We will be raising money for an outdoor community gathering and worship space. Before explaining the Day of Giving, a little background information  is needed first.

First, last November, we hosted a number of online challenges for Giving Tuesday. Unfortunately, our software company that processes our online donations had some significant technical issues, preventing our community from making online gifts that day. We apologize if you were one of the people affected by this. (Thankfully, we were still able to meet our financial goals for the day, thanks to a few amazing donors.) Due to the problems with our software company, they are giving us a “free” giving day on March 14. On this day, they will absorb all fees, so 100% of your online donation will go directly to Illiana.

Next, let’s talk about the space. The outdoor community space will be located in the horseshoe-shaped area between the outdoor bathrooms and the tennis courts, where a pile of dirt has been kept. Currently it is a mud pit, but our plan is to seed it after the ground thaws. We would like this space to be a place where our students, faculty and staff can gather together in God’s creation. We hope to roll this space out in two phases; focusing on funding Phase 1 now.

Phase 1 – Final grading, irrigation, seed/sod, and trees: $30,000

This phase would beautify the central area, by installing irrigation, laying sod and planting trees, to make it a nice green space for people to gather, find some shade, and hang out.

Phase 2 – Concrete amphitheater: $30,000-$50,000

In the future, we would like to build a concrete amphitheater on the west side of this space. It would be virtually maintenance free and feature a few rows of seating. This would provide seating for outdoor  gatherings, concerts, and worship services. We should be able to proceed from Phase 1 to Phase 2 as soon as funds are available.


Finally, let’s talk the about the Day of Giving. On March 14, we will host the “$20 Challenge.” We are challenging donors to give $20 each. Our goal is to have 500 people donate $20, to meet our goal of $10,000. If we reach that goal, some individual donors have agreed match it, allowing us to fund all of Phase 1. Additionally, if we reach the goal of 500 donors, our students will get the opportunity to PIE Principal Peter Boonstra in honor of “Pi Day”.


Do I have to give online?  No, you can send a check, drop off cash, or whatever is most convenient for you.

Can I give more than $20? Can I give less? Of course! We appreciate any gift you are able to give.


Do I have to give just on March 14?  No, you can give any time before March 31. Online donations will only be “fee-free” on Thursday, March 14.

Why this space?  This is really the only space on the campus we haven’t addressed yet. From day one, we have been purposeful in creating community spaces to encourage our students to build stronger relationships with each other and with God. In our current building and space, this is happening all around us. I stand in awe of the way these spaces are being used by the students and the programs here. It really has made an impact on the lives of our students and we want to create those same opportunities in a space outside.

Thank you so much for your continued generosity and support of Illiana Christian High School!


Click here to give!

"The snozberries taste like snozberries."

February 28, 2019
By Jenna Dutton

Next week is the musical, Willy Wonka.  As those who attended the play this fall will tell you, we had some sound problems.  In all honesty, it was at times unintelligible.  It is important that you understand that we have fixed it.  We have literally spent thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours to build a new audio system in the ARC which we believe will be worthy of the quality of Illiana's drama productions.  Now understand that this will still be a high school musical. It will still be a learning laboratory, and there may be lines that we miss or a random technical difficulty.  But we have identified significant failures in the temporary system we used in the fall and have a completely different system in place.  So I hope you will come and hear the difference!  Tickets are available in the office for March 7, 8, and 9.

- Peter Boonstra, Principal


P.S. Join us between the two Saturday shows for a Pulled Pork Party from 4:30-7:00pm! We expect it to be delicious food and delightful company.  A free-will offering will be requested to support the mission trip to the Dominican Republic and West Virginia.

What's been Happening at Illiana

February 22, 2019
By Lance Davids

It has been a busy week here at Illiana.  Here's a snapshot of what we've been up to! 


1.     Tuesday night we held a fundraiser at Texas Roadhouse to support our upcoming Mission Trips. Thanks for all who came out and supported Illiana students who are spending their spring break serving and being the hands and feet of Jesus. We don’t have final numbers yet, but the place was packed so thanks for having some rolls and steak to help support our school.

2.      The Jr high basketball tournament is in full swing right now.  It is great to see all of our feeder schools on campus and see the passion the kids and parents bring to the end of the year tournament.

3.      We had band, choir and orchestra concerts this week.  Thank you to our directors who pour so much into these kids and shape their musical talents to glorify God.  It was a great night. 

4.      Our winter sport season finished up this week.  It is amazing how fast the season goes. Congrats to all of our coaches and players on great seasons. Thanks to our seniors who have been an integral part of our programs. 

5.      Tuesday night we held an 8th grade parent dinner at Little Italy.  We enjoyed sharing all that Illiana has to offer and it is exciting to see possible future Illiana parents and their passion for giving their kids a Christian Education.

6.      Viking Academy registration opened this week.  We are encouraged by the early sign-ups and are looking forward to see this program grow. 

7.      We have a Civil Rights workshop today that involves a lot of our kids. 

8.      Our Juniors took their ISTEP tests this week and I know they are happy to be done with that.

9.      Monday we celebrated President's Day with day off school. It was a wonderful break for both students and staff. 

10.   Wednesday we had our first meeting of "The Grounds” and I had the privilege to be able to sit with a lot of our kids over a coffee and talk about life and their faith. 


I am sure I am missing many things as Illiana is a busy place during the week, but this is a brief snapshot of Illiana Christian High School. While multiple things are taking place, our goal in anything we do is to encourage our students to live their lives for Jesus Christ. Thanks for all your help, support, and prayers as we do this together. 

The New Illiana Promotional Video

February 08, 2019
By Jenna Dutton

It’s been exactly 202 days since we moved into the new Illiana. We have new desks, new lockers, a new cafeteria, a few new teachers, a few new classes, and more! But something that has stayed the same is our mission of “Challenged to Serve”.


With our new building, I figured it was time to create a new promotional video showing off our students in the new space. Along with Roeda Films, we worked through the mission of “Challenged to Serve” and broke the phrase into a few distinct categories of Challenged to Explore, to Grow, to Play, to Compete, to Ask, to Share, to Help, to Trust, and to Serve. We were able to catch students in their everyday activities doing things that fell into these categories to highlight what Illiana is truly about. We will be able to use this video as part of our outreach to potential Illiana families, at school visits, via the website, and on social media.

Please help us by sharing this video link on your social media accounts or with families that you think should know about the Illiana community.


- Jenna Dutton, Director of Marketing & Events 

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