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13 Jul 2020


Hello Illiana, 

We are very excited to unveil our brand new Northwest Indiana and Northeast Illinois billboards.  Both of these signs feature our very own Illiana students. Our intent with these billboards is to introduce students who might not know about the best kept secret in Indiana!  

The signs featured in northwest Indiana are located in two separate places, and they rotate digitally around the Dyer, Schererville, St. John, Crown Point, and Highland areas. We hope that the signs in Indiana show our message of Illiana’s new vision. We are excited to have families from the surrounding towns joining us for this coming school year– and we are still working over the summer to enroll even more! 



The sign featured in northeast Illinois is a vinyl billboard and is located on I-394 near Joe Orr road. This billboard features a similar graphic of our students with a message that introduces the “Illinois Tuition Voucher” to families in the southern suburbs of Chicago. 

Our plan for these billboards is that we’ll be able to reach families in both Northwest Indiana and Northeast Illinois that may not know about Illiana, and plant seeds for future enrollments. 


  • The Advancement Team: Lance Davids, Jenna Dutton, Marie Limback and Cassie Siersema
by Illiana Christian High School



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