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Schererville Private Schools Sync Up Christianity, First-Rate Curriculum

The history of Illiana Christian High School traces back to 1945 when we welcomed our very first class of 90 students. They sought an education that exposed them to living life as a Christian in the eyes of the Lord. In the following year, the student body grew to 135, indicating the great need for this type of education. We continue this path of growth even today with a total of 500 students. But what has remained the same is our dedication to superior education, enjoyable school experience and the teaching of key Christian values.

Schererville Private Schools Celebrate Christianity

Being a servant of Christ is at the cornerstone of our school experience. As a parent, you will find that God is not just present in our classrooms, but also extends to all areas of our campus and is integrated into our extracurricular and arts programs. We feel our students’ spirituality should be encouraged every day and integrated into their high school experience, so we continually blend faith into all aspects of your children’s spiritual life.

Our athletic programs also utilize our faith-based philosophy. At Illiana, athletes enjoy a positive learning experience in their chosen sport while being guided to exhibit the Christian virtues of sportsmanship, grace and dignity at all times throughout their season. No matter the students’ level of ability, we feel they will benefit from participation and grow and develop from the time that they are part of their sport.

Schererville Private Schools Enjoy Community Support

Our staff members and school leadership welcome and encourage active participation from our students’ parents. Parents are so important to their children’s success as students and in life. We are proud to have a tight-knit support system made of over 4,000 families and 9,000 alumni who have gone on to provide for their communities. By emphasizing community, our curriculum provides the key tools to develop leaders who will truly make an impact on our world.

Parents are involved in their child’s education through our Career Opportunity Program. This parent-sponsored program is for juniors and seniors to examine career opportunities in varying fields. Parent volunteers assist with linking students to working adults who are in an area that the students are interested in pursuing. This exposure can help the students decide what they want to do after they graduate.

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We encourage you to find out why we are a great place for your children today! Feel free to stop by our campus at 10920 Calumet Ave. in Dyer, Indiana. We are also happy to answer any questions submitted through our online contact form.

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