Private Schools near Cedar Lake

Private Schools near Cedar Lake Link Excellent Education, Christian Lifestyle

Illiana Christian High School was founded on the mission to nurture the spiritual growth of our students in a supportive environment that cultivates development into strong leaders for our communities and our world. The need for a higher level Christian education was evident from the beginning when we first opened in 1945. Since then, we have helped more than 9,000 young men and women reach their greatest potential in all aspects of their lives. Having such a large and diverse family of alumni connects us to our world today and allows us to help our students better navigate the challenges that come along with forging a path toward Christianity in today’s society.

Private Schools near Cedar Lake Embrace All Areas of Spirituality

Being a source for your children’s high school education is the foundation of what we do every day. Then we layer on strong Christian values as well as the best ways to serve God and each other by fostering respect, empathy and humility. As parents, we know that you care deeply about not only your children’s academics but also their spiritual development. Our campus is a place where young men and women can keep their faith and education combined and not feel like they have to separate these parts of their lives. We foster a spiritual perspective through all areas of our campus every day.

We are proud of our ability to combine Christianity and education in a way that reflects life in today’s society. That is how we have operated our school since our first class of 90 students. Today, we have 500 students that walk out our doors with a strong sense of how to be servant leaders and how best to impact where they live through their volunteerism, careers and personal lives.

Private Schools near Cedar Lake Create Well-Rounded Adults

When your children hit the court or the field, they will still receive guidance toward their spiritual growth. We feel that it is vital to continue the lessons of our Gospel out in the sports arena where they can learn teamwork in a competitive environment. Your children can enjoy being part of a team in all the traditional sports areas, including softball, basketball, baseball, soccer, tennis, golf, cheerleading, cross country, track, volleyball and wrestling.

Private Schools near Cedar Lake Welcomes Your Inquiries

We understand that deciding on your children’s education can be difficult. That is why we are available through our online contact form. You can see what we can do for your children by visiting us at 10920 Calumet Ave. in Dyer, Indiana.

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