Private High School Near St. John, IN

Private High School Near St. John, IN

As a parent, you want your child to receive the best education possible. At Illiana Christian High School, we are dedicated to providing an environment where your child will thrive. We are a private high school near St. John, IN, that offers an education based on Christian values. We believe a faith-based education not only helps our students grow but lets them become compassionate leaders in the future. Discover our broad range of classes and student activities by messaging us today!

A Leading Private High School Near St. John, IN 

Illiana Christian High School provides one of the best faith-based educations in the area. Our students are supported by a full-time staff of teachers, counselors and coaches. Christian values and the teachings of the Bible are at the forefront of what we do. At our school, your child will be enrolled in a number of engaging classes and social activities. From sports to the performing arts, your child will find his or her calling while participating in a supportive, educational environment. 

Our mission is to uncover the potential that’s within every one of our students. We operate under a future-minded approach to education. Your child is more than just a student: he or she will soon go on to graduate and enter the workforce or the college of their choice. Our curriculum is designed to prepare our students for a fulfilling future in which they give back to their communities and make the world a better place. 

Our Private High School Near St. John, IN Spotlights Extracurricular Activities

Our students have many opportunities to grow, both inside and outside of the classroom. We pair an outstanding education with numerous extracurricular activities. We offer a wide variety of activities and groups for your child to join, so they are sure to find something enjoyable:

  • Sports: From baseball to soccer, we offer some of the most popular sports! Our sports programs teach your child teambuilding while participating in a supportive group. It’s the perfect opportunity to achieve their goals and meet like-minded individuals. We have a long list of sports to choose from that your child will appreciate.  
  • Music: Our school features several musical groups that play in concert festivals and parades. Marching band, orchestra and choir are just a few of our musical organizations for our students to join. 
  • Arts: We hold the arts in high regard. Creative pursuits are among the best ways for our students to express themselves. Your child can join a drama group or unleash their talent through our visual arts courses.  

Extracurricular activities are essential to your child’s ongoing education. The lessons learned in these groups are invaluable, contributing to your child’s future success as a team player. Our activities draw upon the Christian values that our school upholds, including humility, respect and trust. Your child will feel at home in one of our groups, building a support system of peers and mentors that lasts a lifetime. 

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Illiana Christian High School has so much to offer. If you are interested in learning more about our private high school near St. John, IN, call or message us today.

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