Private High School Near Highland

Private High School Near Highland

Illiana Christian High School is a top-rated private high school near Highland. Our staff is dedicated to helping your child grow and succeed. We believe a faith-based education is key to nurturing your child in the essential values of humility, trust and compassion. As a parent, you will love what our school has to offer.

Top-Rated Private High School Near Highland

At Illiana Christian High School, we believe that faith has an important place in your child’s education. We integrative the most important teachings of the bible into our curriculum and extracurricular activities. Whether your child is in the classroom or out on the fields, they will learn about teamwork and empathy.

Many of our students go on to be very successful down whatever path they choose. We prepare students to go on to higher education, such as college and excel in a career of their choice. We also support students who wish to pursue vocational careers or positions in the army. No matter what path your child wishes to tread, our education will prepare them amply for the journey.

Educational Opportunities At Our School

One of our school’s highlights is how we have lots to offer. Our curriculum covers all of the most essential subjects, including STEM, history, social studies and world languages. Your child receives an enriching education that they will carry with them for the rest of their lives and professional pursuits. Our teachers are compassionate individuals who bring out your child’s innate ability to succeed. We believe every child has unbridled potential to become a compassionate leader who works under their faith in God.

When you enroll your child in our school, he or she receives a full high school experience and create memories that last a lifetime. We have the most popular organizations to join, including:

  • STEM Team: We have a robotics team to nurture your child’s interest in STEM. STEM is among the most profitable areas of study and career right now, so your child can improve his or her science and mathematical skills through our engineering classes and club.

  • Orchestra, Band and Choir: We offer a wide range of musical groups. We have something to offer for every child. Whether your child wishes to play the cello in a quartet or be a soloist in the school’s musical, we have a spot where they can shine.

  • Theatre: Theatre is an excellent outlet for creativity and energy. As a part of our theatre group, your child will hit the center stage and show off their performance skills. We put on several plays each year, for both the students and the public.

  • Sports: We have all of the most popular sports. Your child can choose from soccer, baseball, basketball and so much more. Play competitively on a sports team and watch as your child continues to reach new heights.

Contact Illiana Christian High School Today

Illiana Christian High School is grateful to be the top choice for parents who want their child to receive a Christian education. We aim to be a welcoming space where your child finds a sense of belonging among fellow peers. If you are interested in learning more about our private high school near Highland, call us today. We are happy to discuss your child’s needs during a consultation.

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