Private High School near Crown Point

Private High School near Crown Point Combines Christianity, Excellent Curriculum

When you walk our hallways at Illiana Christian High School, you will feel God’s presence and a Christian vibrancy that guided our more than 9,000 alumni. This dedication to the Gospel has been at the cornerstone of our mission since we opened and began teaching young men and women in 1945. An unwavering focus on providing a balanced education that leads young adults along a path of Christianity continues to drive our staff members to this day. Year after year, we are proud of our graduates and honored to help guide them toward their best lives and futures.

Private High School near Crown Point Cultivates Faith

The high school experience at our campus encompasses the Gospel and helps our students grow their own individual spirituality. Our sense of Christianity is found in our teachings as well as in our social activities, extracurricular clubs and sports teams. We strive to bring spiritual lessons to all aspects of our school year and all areas of our campus. Your children will be exposed to how spirituality can be part of our everyday lives and how we can apply the Gospel to our interactions with others and relationships.

Your students will attend chapel three times a week and will learn Christian values, such as humility, respect for others, compassion and empathy. We feel that our coaches can be especially strong guides in the ways of Christianity as students face unique situations that have a competitive nature added to them. Sometimes, the sports field or court is where the strongest lessons can be learned for our young men and women.

Private High School near Crown Point Develops Strong Individuals

Our high academic standards look to prepare your children for their next steps. We are proud that a large majority of our students continue their education in college, which is why we have more than 110 courses available. Your student can participate in Advanced Placement classes, including calculus and chemistry, as well as receive some college credit from our dual-credit offerings. Our faculty is highly experienced as most have Master’s degrees and average about 17 years in the teaching field.

Participating in the creative arts is also an important part of our school’s experience. You will be happy to know as a parent that your children can play a musical instrument, sing, act on stage, create behind-the-scenes or express themselves through a variety of art media. 

Help Your Children Grow Through Our Private High School Near Crown Point

An education with a Christian perspective is a superior way to develop young and talented leaders. We welcome any questions through our online contact form or stop by and see us at 10920 Calumet Ave. in Dyer, Indiana.

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