Private Christian School Near Crown Point

Private Christian School Near Crown Point

As a parent, you want nothing less than the best for your child, and their education is a vital part of their future. At Illiana Christian High School, we are dedicated to helping our students excel. We are a private Christian school near Crown Point, offering a well-rounded educational experience for students of Christian faith. Your child will have plenty of opportunities to explore their interests and prepare for their future with Christian virtues at the forefront. 

Our Mission and Commitment to You

Illiana Christian High School believes that a broad education immersed in faith is a pathway to our students’ success. We endeavor to be a welcoming community of diverse individuals who all share one common goal, and that’s to further our devotion to God and others. We make it our mission to help our students grow and become the best that they can be. As such, our curriculum is a combination of rigorous classroom work and experience-based activities such as clubs, sports, and music groups. 

We are also committed to our students’ parents and encourage you to be a part of their education and evolving faith. 

What Makes Us the Best Private Christian School Near Crown Point?

In addition to our strong Christian roots, our school is one of the best private Christian schools because of several reasons. Our staff members are empathetic and caring, offering a lending hand to your child whenever they need advice. Your child receives unconditional support from our teachers and their peers throughout their time at our school. 

Furthermore, our curriculum teaches subjects in every essential area, including mathematics, science, art, social studies, languages, and much more. We are proud to have stellar academics and dedicated teachers so our students get the most out of their education. We also design courses with your child’s future in mind. No matter what it is that your child loves to do, or if they haven’t chosen a career path yet, they will be able to explore all areas of interest. From Bible studies to STEM courses, your child will develop a worldview that is based on a wide range of knowledge. 

Illiana Christian High School is proud to be known for our distinguishing characteristics:

  • Numerous Activities and Clubs. We offer a variety of activities and clubs for our students to enjoy. Your child will find their home in one of our many organizations, from sports teams to band. 
  • Faith-Based Learning. Everything at our school upholds the most essential Christian virtues and beliefs. Whether they’re out on the field or in the classroom, our students learn from experiences that integrate faith. 
  • Diverse Subject Matter. While we promote a Christian worldview, our course material stays up-to-date with current events and technology. We offer courses in everything from STEM to the arts. 
  • Dedicated Career Counselors. Your child’s life after graduation is important to us. We want to help them find a career in which they thrive. 
  • Unwavering Commitment. We truly want our students to develop into the bright, compassionate leaders they are meant to be. 

Visit Our Private Christian School Near Crown Point!

Illiana Christian High School is proud to be a top private Christian school near Crown Point. We invite you and your child to tour our school and see if we are the right choice for you. Please call us today to plan your visit. 

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