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Lowell Private School Concentrates on Christianity, Exemplary Curriculum

With more than 9,000 alumni, we have a long history of nurturing young men and women into the Christian leaders that they can be out in our world. We have welcomed so many families into our community since we first launched in 1945. While Illiana Christian High School has changed since those days, some aspects have remained the same. We still maintain the values of a strong spiritual life while also staying up-to-date on today’s technology and college preparation requirements. We want all of our students to reach their fullest potential – whether that is in the classroom or on the sports field – and show them how they can make the largest impact through a Christian lifestyle.

Lowell Private School Fuses High School Life, Spiritual Life

From day one, our leadership and team members felt that education and Christianity should be taught together within the classroom as well as other areas of campus life. We are proud of this mission and carry on the tradition of our founding individuals who saw the importance of teaching the ways of the Lord and how they apply to everyday life. By offering courses that integrate faith and academic rigor, we accomplish all of our goals as a Christian campus. Developing Christian virtues in a nurturing environment is a part of why a Christian education is so important in today’s society.

Serving Christ is based on each student’s individualized talents and goals, and our team can help be the best guide toward success. While many of our students do go on to college, we have a diverse group of students who are all part of our Christian family.

Lowell Private School Celebrates the Arts

We encourage our students to find out what makes them unique and that often includes singing, playing an instrument, taking photographs or acting. No matter what your children enjoy, they will find a home in our creative outlet activities. Our Fine Arts courses include beginning chorus as well as beginning concert band and there are many opportunities for students to sing or play an instrument. 

Our Drama Department puts on two shows a year and provides opportunities for not only acting but also set design and pit orchestra. The public has the opportunity to see how talented our young men and women are by attending a show. Our annual Fine Arts competition lets our students truly shine as they compete in a variety of categories, such as dance, literary and photography.

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