High Schools in Schererville

High Schools in Schererville

Finding the right school for your child can be challenging, especially if you and your child are looking for something in particular. There are many high schools in Schererville, but not all of them offer the same opportunities or a Christian education. Illiana Christian High School stands out as a leader in education. We understand that just like any parent, you want your child to have the opportunity to become a better version of themselves. Our staff is dedicated to helping your child succeed and become the person that they’re meant to be. 

Our Mission: Who We Are

Illiana Christian High School is a private high school located in Dyer, Indiana. We base our teachings and activities in Christian beliefs, helping our students learn and grow while nurturing their faith. With more than 9,000 alumni and 4,000 families currently supporting us, our school provides the opportunities your child needs. 

We believe faith is an integral part of becoming a compassionate individual who is devoted to helping others. We share a vision with our fellow parents, and that’s to help your child become the best that they can be. 

One of the Best Private High Schools in Schererville 

Finding the right school can be challenging. You and your child likely have a list of preferences that you’re hoping to see in your new school. Illiana strives to be a leader in providing an excellent education that not only fulfills Common Core standards but helps your child excel in every aspect of their life. We believe that involvement with peers and faith-based activities is a pathway towards a bright future. As such, our facility is filled with ways for your child to be a part of our school’s life and culture. 

From sports to music, we provide a colorful assortment of groups to take part in. Become a star on the field, or lead a quartet in one of our music groups. Your child can pick and choose what he or she loves to do the most, as well as explore new activities. All the while, your child engages with fellow peers and builds a strong support system that will help them thrive for years to come. 

Here are just a few of our school’s many features:

  • STEM courses and activities. STEM experience is a highly sought after attribute that many employers are looking for. Science, technology and math skills are some of the most advantageous skills your child could have, and our school places an emphasis on the opportunities that jobs in this field have. Your child can choose from a multitude of interesting topics and take part in our engineering team. 
  • Artistic pursuits. Art is a source of joy for so many of our students. They unleash their limitless creativity through a range of activities including theatre, orchestra, visual art courses, and more. If your child has a knack for art, we encourage them to find their calling at our school.   
  • Athletics. We have all of the most popular sports for your child to join, including soccer, basketball, football, and track. 

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