Christian School in St. John

Christian School in St. John Mixes Essential Educational Elements

When the school’s leadership first opened the doors at Illiana Christian High School, they could not have predicted how much the school would grow and develop over the years. With a class of just 90 students in 1945, there are 500 students today and 9,000 alumni who have walked out of our hallways armed with everything they need to be the servant leaders of their chosen communities. Our students enjoy traditional high school experiences like being a member of the baseball team or taking center stage as an actor in a play. What we also add are the teachings of our Lord that run through all areas of our campus from our classrooms to our fields.

Christian School in St. John Keeps God In The Classroom

As a parent who holds their Christian faith dear, you will be happy to know that we have the platform for your children to learn everything they need to be a successful student, leader and follower in God’s footsteps. Our seasoned teachers do not follow any standard published curriculum, but create the teachings that they feel will best guide your children in the ways of the Gospel. Our departments are focused on developing young men and women who are well-rounded. As a majority of our students go on to attend college, you will be happy to know we have dual-credit courses as well as Advanced Placement classes.

Chapel is attended three times a week. A special committee comprised of seniors and teachers puts together weekly and yearly themes. The changing themes help keep students’ time in chapel both interesting and engaging. A club period is built into the school day to allow students to engage in an area that interests them, such as student council, weightlifting and yearbook. 

Christian School in St. John Encourages Active Lifestyle

Illiana Christian High School offers a variety of sports appealing to students, including softball, baseball, basketball, tennis, soccer, cheerleading, cross country and track. Sports are another avenue for your children to become engaged and active leaders in our communities. Our coaching staff leads by example how our student-athletes should embody sportsmanship, respect and humility on the sports field. 

We are proud of how we inspire parents to be a supportive network to their children while showcasing what it looks like to live a Christian life on and off the field. Parents’ participation is a necessary component of all areas of our students’ lives while they are in high school.

Christian School in St. John Rises Above the Rest

We understand that you may have questions and we encourage you to send any inquiries through our online contact form. Of course, you are welcome to visit us in person at 10920 Calumet Ave. in Dyer, Indiana.

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