Christian School in Lowell

Christian School in Lowell Leads Young Men, Women Toward Success

When you consider our roots, you will see that one thing has remained the same: our commitment to Christianity. While this has not wavered, our leadership and staff members understand that society has changed since 1945. Illiana Christian High School is proud to continue serving our students and their families as a superior source of a high school education in a spiritual setting. We have always believed that education and living a Christian lifestyle go together, and that is evident in all areas of our campus. You will find that our coaches bring spiritual lessons right to the court while our teachers utilize a curriculum that is challenging and pertinent to following in Our Lord’s footsteps. 

Christian School in Lowell Stresses Strength And Development

Developing our students’ minds is just as important as nurturing their spiritual growth. Our teachers follow a curriculum that prepares them academically for the future while also emphasizing how they can best be of service to God. Our 500 students can select from more than 110 different options, depending on their direction in life. This selection process can be daunting, which is why we have a skilled team of counselors. Our guidance team can help them explore where God is leading them after high school and how best to get there. They can work with students on college applications as well as the financial aid process.

We strive to incorporate core Christian virtues as exhibited in Holy Scriptures. Being a Christian citizen should include living a life of respect, sincerity, love and honesty. Your student will attend Chapel three times a week and work alongside teachers to select weekly and yearly themes. Your student can be challenged and earn college credit through our dual credit offerings for courses in history, engineering design, biology and literature.

Christian School in Lowell Fuels Artistic Side

Our students enjoy a fun time in our bands, choirs, on the stage or in the art room all year long! We have many options available for young adults looking to sharpen their creative skills. Our students can become part of one of four choirs and play an instrument in a band. Our Jazz Band studies music from the “Big Band Swing Era” to the music of today. 

Christian School in Lowell Exemplifies Living Spiritual Life

The first step toward adding your children to our family is us answering any questions that you may have through our online contact form. We also welcome guests and potential Illiana families to see us at 10920 Calumet Ave. in Dyer, Indiana.

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