Christian Education in Crete, IL

More Than Christian Education At High School in Crete, IL 

Producing well-rounded young men and women has always been a component of the mission and goals at Illiana Christian High School since it first opened in 1945. While the first class had 90 students, today we have grown and developed into a campus full of 500 students. We are proud that more than 9,000 alumni can call us their alma mater. We appreciate that parents in today’s culture are seeking an alternative to public schools and recognize that Christian education is the answer. It is a safe and nurturing environment that leads young adults to spiritual life and success in their chosen career paths. Our staff members consistently strive to maintain an atmosphere of Christianity that shines through in all areas from the classroom to the sports field.

Christian Education in Crete, IL Includes Artistic, Sport Offerings

Your children can enrich their high school life by being part of a team or group. If they are vocally talented, they can sing in one of our four choirs, such as Concert Choir, which has participants from all grades and helps develop music fundamentals. Our Chamber Singers are usually older students and are often invited to perform at events around the community. For those who love to play an instrument, we have wind ensemble, symphonic band, pep band, jazz band, marching band, drumline and flag corps, which joins the marching band as a drill squad.

Sports participation can be a vital platform to showcase the teachings of the Gospel. Through the competitive nature of any sport, our athletes learn how best to conduct themselves and learn the value of sportsmanship, respect and compassion. Our coaches feel it is very necessary to bring the Christian lessons into the sports arena to help emphasize why a spiritual life is so critical. Athletic opportunities range from golf and soccer to basketball and track. Other clubs and activities available include yearbook, math team, mock trial and senior service.

Guidance During Your Children’s Christian Education in Crete, IL

Our counseling department is a resource for your children to help them determine their course schedules, future planning and direction toward college. Our team can help your children understand what requirements are needed to go toward a certain career path while they are still in high school. We can also assist with the higher education application process. 

Our Career Opportunity Program is a tool for our students to get an up-close look at everyday life in a career. Our parent-run program is for juniors and seniors to explore their options.

We Can Answer All of Your Questions on Christian Education in Crete, IL

We are proud of our school and welcome any questions through our online contact form or feel free to stop by and see us at 10920 Calumet Ave. in Dyer, Indiana.

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