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Best Private Schools Near Me Blend Education, Spirituality

Continuing to build on our more than 70 years of experience as educators, we are honored to serve the Northwest Indiana and Chicagoland region by providing a place for growth and development as spiritual individuals and future leaders. Illiana Christian High School has a tradition of centering on the teachings of the Gospel while providing the usual components of high school life, such as sports, art, music, clubs and educational excellence. Our teachers have extensive experience that shines through each and every day in their classrooms. Parents are encouraged to be an integral part of their children’s high school lives.

Best Private Schools Near Me Guide Students Toward Service

Our team believes in the value of an excellent education, and we are proud to provide our students with 110 different courses to take. Just a few of our departments include Applied Arts – Technology, Bible, Business, Foreign Language, History, Mathematics and Science. Our academics create a foundation that about 95 percent of our graduates take with them to a new educational phase after high school. We offer individualized attention with a 14 to 1 ratio of pupil to professional.

An education with a Christian component helps our future leaders evolve into strong and humble servants of God. Christian principles run through all areas of our campus. We teach love, courtesy, honesty and sincerity. Parents and students can rely on the fact that we always bring a God-centered approach to everything that we do. Our 9,000 alumni have left campus with a passion for service and respect for God and others. 

Best Private Schools Near Me Have Art, Sports Opportunities

At Illiana Christian High School, students can express themselves through music and art as well as sharpen their skills at their chosen sport. We have an instrumental music department where your child can join an after-school group, such as pep band, jazz band, marching band, drumline or flag corps. Symphonic band, wind ensemble, and orchestra meet during the school day.

Sports may be optional, but they definitely are a key part of developing our students into vital members of their communities. Sports teach so many essential lessons from how to be part of a team to how hard work pays off. Our coaches look to sports as another avenue to explore how God is in our everyday lives. Your child can participate in basketball, baseball, track, tennis, cross country, cheerleading, soccer and softball as part of our academic program.

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We would love to meet you today and welcome guests to our campus. Feel free to stop by our high school at 10920 Calumet Ave. in Dyer, Indiana. You may reach out to us through our online contact form.

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