Best Private School in Schererville

Best Private School in Schererville

Watching your child grow and become the person they are meant to be is one of the biggest blessings of being a parent. Your child deserves the best education available, one that incorporates the Christian values and teachings you hold in high esteem. At Illiana Christian High School, we are dedicated to unlocking each student’s potential. We are the best private school in Schererville because our commitment to our students is unmatched.

Learn and Grow at the Best Private School in Schererville

Illiana Christian High School is a place where students come to grow. We have the standard high school experience, as your child becomes a part of extracurricular activities and makes like-minded friends. We integrate the Bible’s teachings into all of our activities as we believe these teachings are the centerpiece of your child’s education. We help our students become compassionate individuals who lift others up and work under their faith in God.

Our school has a wide range of academic offerings, such as:

  • STEM. We are devoted to helping our students develop analytical minds with our STEM classes. We offer engineering, mathematics and science courses.

  • World Languages. Learning a second language is a highly sought after skill that will prove useful no matter what your child wishes to become. We offer some of the most popular languages, allowing your child to immerse themself in cultures from all over the world.

  • Fine Arts. We offer many fine arts courses that your child will love. Art allows your child to find their inner creativity and identity.

  • Physical Education. We promote physical wellbeing in our students through our physical education courses.

Extracurricular Activities

Whether your child is on the field or in the classroom, they are surrounded by a supportive group of peers and staff members. We are here for your child as we provide everything they need to have a memorable high school experience. Your child can take part in:

  • Sports. Being a part of a sports team is a great way for your child to find where they fit in. We offer baseball, basketball, soccer, volleyball and so much more. Your child will feel proud as they accomplish their goals through teamwork and integrity.

  • Music Groups. We have so many musical groups that your child can join. From orchestra to specialty bands, your child will find their calling alongside many other talented musicians.

  • Drama. Our drama club puts on several plays throughout the school year. Your child will be the star of the stage as they express their creativity.

Explore Illiana Christian High School Today

Our staff at Illiana Christian High School is committed to you and your student’s satisfaction. We truly want our students to find their calling, and we do so by providing an outstanding Christian education. We are confident that you will see what makes us the best private school in Schererville. If you would like to learn more about our school and everything we have to offer, call us today.

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