Best Private High School in Northwest Indiana

Best Private High School in Northwest Indiana

Any parent wants the best for their child. Education is a vital part of your child’s ability to become the leader and imaginative person they are meant to be. Finding the right school can be challenging, especially if your family upholds Christian values. Illiana Christian High School is the best private high school in Northwest Indiana for families like yours. Our curriculum and extracurricular activities uphold the teachings of the Bible. 

Illiana is the Best Private High School in Northwest Indiana

At Illiana Christian High School, our staff takes pride in what we do. We recognize that for Christian families, you want your children to learn and grow while affirming the very values you hold closest. That’s why our school incorporates these values—humility, compassion, and faith—into every activity and lesson that takes place within our halls.     

What Our School Has to Offer

No matter what your child is interested in, they will be sure to find something they love at our school:

  • Robotics Program: STEM is one of the most profitable career categories, so if your child is interested in math or engineering, encourage them to join our robotics program. Here, they’ll have the opportunity to practice their engineering skills and engage in a fun, supportive group. 
  • Arts: Our school holds the arts in high regard. Creativity is the perfect outlet for your child. We have many art programs available where they can paint, draw, sing, and play an instrument of their choice. 
  • Athletics: We offer some of the most popular sports for high school students. Basketball, baseball, and soccer are just a few of the sports your child can participate in. When your child joins a sports team, they’ll make lifelong friends and become the start of the court. 

Whether your child is on the field or in an art class, he or she has the opportunity to find a calling. Every activity is the chance to build a support system and develop lifelong skills including teamwork, confidence, and humility. We have many more activities in store, so be sure to visit us to learn more!

The Benefits of a Christian Education

Why choose Christian education? Here are the top reasons parents choose our school for their children:

  • Supportive Peers. When you choose a Christian education, your child will be surrounded by peers who share their values and affirm their faith. 
  • Bible’s Teachings at the Forefront. We have all kinds of activities your child can join, all of which incorporate essential Christian teachings. Those values you want your child to uphold are at the forefront of what we do. 
  • Lifelong Lessons. Sports teams, classroom lectures, and artistic pursuits are more than just educational: they’re opportunities to teach your child lifelong lessons that they’ll carry with them for generations. 

Contact Us Today

While it’s rarely easy to find the right school for your child, our compassionate staff aims to make it simpler. Illiana Christian High School has everything your child is looking for. If you are ready to see what makes us the best private high school in Northwest Indiana, call us today to schedule a tour of our school. We look forward to showing you and your child around. 

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