Best Christian Schools in Northwest Indiana

Best Christian Schools in Northwest Indiana Focus on Family

A well-rounded education with a Christian emphasis has been at the core of Illiana Christian High School since its first class was assembled in 1945. Throughout the ensuing years of growth, our staff and leadership have held an unwavering commitment to providing a platform for students to become Christian leaders in our community. The team at Illiana understands how important education is to families in the Northwest Indiana and Chicagoland region.  For this reason, having a private, Christian option is vital for our community members. Over 9,000 Illiana Christian High School alumni have begun their journeys with a powerful sense of faith and a strong foundation of education.

Art Is Key At The Best Christian Schools in Northwest Indiana

Preparing students for a life rooted in faith and leadership requires a unique approach to education, along with a range and variety of extracurricular activities. At Illiana Christian High School, we embrace the need for creating an environment for students to embrace creativity and enjoy instrumental music, fine arts, drama and vocal music. Playing an instrument is a worthwhile outlet that can harvest a lifelong appreciation for music. We offer classes for symphonic band, wind ensemble, and orchestra that meet during the day, as well as groups that are after-school, such as pep band, jazz band, marching band, drumline and flag corps.  

Our drama department unites a diverse range of students by offering many roles to be filled, such as set design, cast, crew, pit orchestra and set painting. We typically produce plays in the fall and spring that are open to the public, so that family members can help our students celebrate their successes on the stage and behind the scenes. 

Best Christian Schools in Northwest Indiana Provide Athletic Outlet

Our athletics program connects the Christian values of inclusion, teamwork and motivation with athletic and physical fitness. We emphasize humility, compassion and respect on the field and in the gym to guide our students to become Christian adults that will have a positive impact on our communities. Being part of a team while working on individual abilities are skills that are encouraged by our coaches and school leadership. Our sports include baseball, softball, basketball, golf, cross country, tennis, track, cheerleading, volleyball and soccer.

Parents are an essential part of the athletic program, as well as the overall education of our students. They help us lay the necessary groundwork and demonstrate through example how we all can be servant leaders who have a strong faith in our Lord. Our staff and leadership believe it is crucial that parents play a central role in all aspects of their children’s education.

Find Out Why We Are The Best Among Christian Schools in Northwest Indiana

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