Best Christian High School Near Me

Best Christian High School Near Me Includes Academics, Arts, Athletics

As a private, Christian high school since 1945, Illiana Christian High School has a long-standing tradition of graduating well-rounded individuals who go on to serve their communities along with our Lord. From our first class of 90 students, our mission has remained the same, but in a modern and updated setting. Our curriculum promotes a Christian mindset and prepares students to excel in all areas of study. We welcome parents to be a part of creating a nurturing environment where their children will truly blossom under God’s watchful eye.

Best Christian High School Near Me Spotlights Education

Our team and leadership continue to emphasize the value of academics by providing a place where students can study 110 different courses, including Advanced Placement Calculus, Chemistry, German and Spanish. We strive to keep our children engaged with our student-faculty ratio of 14/1 and our average class size of 23. We are proud of how 95 percent of our graduates continue their education after high school. Our faculty are equipped to provide your children only the best as most have more than 10 years of experience and Master’s degrees.

Our diverse curriculum centers around what we feel will encourage the most growth and development and does not focus on any one published educational program or set of subjects. We provide a faith-based, balanced education for your child that makes them an active learner. For example, we participate in project-based learning through our Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) educational offerings. Serving Christ in today’s environment is a large component of all of our educational offerings.

Best Christian High School Near Me Offers Sports Programs

Our team’s commitment to fostering faith in our youth extends both on and off the court and field. Our athletic department offers the opportunity to participate in all of the traditional sports, such as soccer, softball, baseball, basketball, track, cross country, tennis, golf and cheer. What makes us unique is our incorporation of strong Christian values, including compassion and humility, into our guidance on the athletic field. We expect our athletes to encompass the spirit of the Gospel and infuse it into everything that they do on our campus, whether it’s playing a sport or acting in a play.

We know that parents play a vital role in the education of their children. We view ourselves as a partner with parents who all have the same goal in mind for each and every student that walks our hallways: creating strong and faithful leaders of tomorrow. No matter where you are on our campus or attending an after-school event, you will see how Christianity guides our staff members and how faith runs through all aspects of our offerings.

Best Christian High School Near Me Has Everything

If you are ready to embrace a Christian education for your children, stop by our campus at 10920 Calumet Ave. in Dyer, Indiana. You may also connect with us through our online contact form.

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