Best Christian High School near Cedar Lake

Best Christian High School near Cedar Lake Blends Academics, Christianity

As parents, you want only the best for your children! At Illiana Christian High School, you will find that we cultivate young men and women who have a strong sense of a God-centered life as well as excellence in their own individualized talents. Since 1945, our mission has remained steady among the societal changes that have occurred. Our team continues to create a safe and welcoming environment for your children to learn how best to serve God and others. Our classrooms are built upon keeping faith and education together and not separating these two key areas of our young adults’ lives. Our sports and art offerings provide a special platform for our students to develop their own skills and talents.

Best Christian High School near Cedar Lake Highlights Continued Education

Our 500 students have the opportunity to select from 110 different courses to reach their fullest potential. We are proud that our pupil to professional ratio is 14 to 1 and that the majority of our teachers have Master’s degrees and extensive experience. Our dedicated faculty create courses with a variety of resources and learning activities designed to help students master the content in the context of the Christian life. 

Our counseling department is available to advise your children on how to best pursue their own path into the future. The experienced and skilled team members can work with students on future planning to discover where God is leading them after graduation, as well as to complete college and financial aid applications. On a more personal note, the counselors can assist your children when they face the ups and downs of becoming adults during this often tumultuous time in their lives.

Best Christian High School near Cedar Lake Celebrates Uniqueness

No matter if your children can sing, dance, play an instrument or shoot a basketball, our school has the perfect place for them to sharpen their skills and learn how to lead a Christian life in everyday settings. There are four choirs at our school as well as seven instrumental areas, including jazz band, marching band, drumline and flag corps. 

Our drama department puts together two shows a year that provide a wide variety of opportunities for your children to get involved, such as acting, creating sets, or being part of the pit orchestra. We also have interscholastic sports and more than 20 cool clubs!

Get Up Close and Personal With the Best Christian High School near Cedar Lake

Deciding on your children’s education can be a daunting decision. That is why we are ready to answer any of your inquiries through our online contact form. We also welcome visitors to our campus at 10920 Calumet Ave. in Dyer, Indiana.

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