Austin Ohm

20 Dec 2017

Hello, my name is Austin Ohm. As a senior, I’ve been reflecting on my four years at Illiana and I’ve come to realize that Illiana has been a great high school for me and has given me many opportunities. I have been greatly influenced by the business classes Illiana has to offer. This is important to me because I will be majoring in business when I move on to IUPUI. I feel that it has given me an extra boost and has put me an extra step ahead of others.

The teachers at Illiana have been great. They are great people and set a great example for the students. They are always there to help you if you are struggling with school work or a personal problem. The biggest influence I have experienced at Illiana is the Cross Country and Track and Field programs. I have participated in Cross Country all four years at Illiana and this spring I will have competed in Track and Field for all four years. While running at Illiana I have obtained friendships that I wouldn’t trade for the world. I have found a talent that God has given me, and I have learned how to use it in order to give him all the glory. I would recommend running at Illiana to anyone. The Illiana Cross Country and Track teams push you to realize that it’s more than just running and the recognition you can receive for it – It’s about getting involved and building relationships. Illiana is more than just a school with classes. Illiana is a place that shapes you into the person God intended you to be.




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“Illiana Christian High School is founded on the Bible as interpreted in the Reformed creeds. We graduate academically capable people with a comprehensive Christian view of life committed to the challenge of serving God and others.”

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