Illiana Christian High School’s music education program includes both orchestral, and symphonic styles and jazz, and performance band styles. Students who are passionate about and gifted in instrumental arts will find our program to be high quality and fun. The bands we offer at Illiana include Pep Band and Jazz Band.  If you are searching for other instrumental music experiences, head on over to our Orchestra page

  • Pep Band: Pep Band is based on voluntary membership of anyone enrolled in the Instrumental Music Program at Illiana. It meets during the second quarter using club periods for rehearsals and as needed after that time. Pep Band performs during home basketball games and creates a lively, school-spirit-filled atmosphere. Student chant and dance along while the Pep Band does what it was meant to do–bring the pep!
  • Jazz Band: Jazz Band is an extracurricular band that meets every Wednesday from 3:00 until 4:00 pm.  It is made up of a saxophone section, a trumpet section, a trombone section, and a rhythm section.  Occasionally Jazz Band also has a vocalist.  Jazz Band plays in four of the Music Department’s yearly concerts. In addition to this, they play for contests, banquets, festivals, and retirement homes throughout the year.  They have also played in a Chicago Fire Soccer game. The Jazz Band travels and plays in more places than any other Illiana Instrumental group. Jazz band members are selected from Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, and Senior members of Illiana’s Bands.

If you would like any further information regarding instrumental music at Illiana, contact Rachel Monroe at For schedules of practice, concerts, or other performances, you can view our calendar here. 

We are proud of Illiana Christian High School’s music program and the talented bands and choirs we have. If you would like more information regarding choral music at Illiana, please visit our choir page. 

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