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Viking Legacy Archive

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At Homecoming 2022 , we launched the Viking Legacy Archive (VLA). This is Illiana Christian’s digital archive meant to preserve, promote, and highlight our rich history as a school from its inception to today. It has been nearly a year since this project began with the simple idea of creating a space for athletics records. The project grew in scope as conversations with various parties and the company hosting the site shared ideas and possibilities of what this archive could be. We decided this project was too important to be just sports. We decided to expand our focus to Fine Arts, and academic honors as well. After hours and hours of research- scanning yearbooks and digging through campus storage have proven to be challenging but also incredibly rewarding tasks as the VLA took shape.  

A large touch screen TV on the south wing of campus will allow you to access the archive and navigate the photos, publications, and records of our school. This archive includes a wealth of resources! You will find academic award winners, valedictorians, salutatorians, and department award winners. You can scroll through athletic award winners, team pictures, and program records. Fine Arts is highlighted with pictures of previous plays and musicals, past Varia publications, and more. We’ve even created a spot for important publications of historical ICHS significance and pictures of the previous Lansing campus. 

What can you expect from this archive in the future? We plan to upload every Spire, complete our athletics records for each sport, and post pictures of every choir and band. We will also request information you might have to make our archive more rich and complete. Please keep in mind this is a working document that will continue to be updated. If you see something that doesn’t seem accurate or have an idea or document that could help, please do not hesitate to reach out. 


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