Alumni: We Want to Hear From You!

Hey Alumni! We want to know what is going on in the lives of past Illiana students. Not only is it fun for all of us in the Illiana community to find out what has been happening in our classmates’ lives, but it will also help the school to keep our alumni information up to date.  We want to hear about new additions to your family, marriages, graduations and more. Keep us up to date on the big things happening in your life! 


We love to reunite our alumni whether you graduated 5 years ago or 50! Are you and your classmates planning your reunion? Need your class list? Need a place to gather? Contact Cassie Siersema at or at 219-558-7066 ext. 122 for assistance. As the school that brought you together, we’d love to help in your efforts to continue building the Illiana community. 

Alumni Trips

The “Illiana Alumni and Friends” trips are opportunities for those who love Illiana and want to experience what the students are learning. These trips are designed to build the Illiana community. Hopefully, you will witness what a blessed school we have and desire to support it and further its mission in developing “Kingdom Builders”. The best way to explain what we do is to share with you a little Q & A.

  • Who may attend?: Anyone who supports Illiana and desires to see its mission continue for future generations.  We do limit it to adults only who subscribe to Illiana’s mission statement and doctrinal standards and policies.
  • When are the trips arranged?: We usually plan trips the first week after graduation. Yet, there may be some possibilities for hosting the event during Illiana’s spring break. The trips do take place over Sunday. No scheduled activities are planned for Sunday.  This day is usually a “free day” for participants to respect the Sabbath rest as their conscience permits.
  • Where have the trips visited?: Places of interest have included: Washington D.C. and surrounding areas, Philadelphia, historic Annapolis, Gettysburg, Amish country PA, Sauder Village, Martha’s Vineyard, Boston, Concord MA, Lowell MA,   Harper’s Ferry, Montpellier VA, Indianapolis/ Springfield,  just to name a few.
  • What takes place on the trips?: The trips are centered around visits to historic sites with tours and lectures led by Jeff White (Illiana’s History Department Chair).  Adults get to become students for a week visiting and learning about what Illiana students are taught in the classroom.   The trip’s itinerary is set by  Jeff White. Participants may follow any part of the program and are free to break away from the group at any time to pursue things that may more directly interest them.
  • What is the cost?: Cost for trips depends on location, length of stay (most trips are about 3 days) and single or double occupancy. The costs may range between $1,000 to $1,500 per person. The cost of the trips includes all lodging, motorcoach, airfare, tips, tour guide fees, prizes, 2 meals per day, and much more. Some of the leftover proceeds from the trip may be then allocated to Illiana’s sustaining funds.
  • What future trips might be offered?: We are investigating: upstate New York and the Hudson River Valley, Washington D.C. (another “hidden gems” visit with new “hidden gems”), Biltmore Estate, Gatlinburg, the ARK encounter, Charleston S.C., New Orleans, Williamsburg, Virginia’s historic triangle, Richmond, etc. So stay tuned. We would like your feedback and can put you on a survey list to help plan future events.
  • Does Illiana operate like a tour company on the events?: Sorry, we are not a tour company. We schedule all events, we try to accommodate needs of participants as best we can, but we cannot guarantee your luggage will be carried, there is no security staff, and no personal services will be arranged (like a concierge would on a cruise or upscale hotel). Having said that, we do try to help as best we can or give you suggestions to make the trip more pleasant. So, if you are interested in seeing parts of our country with a new perspective, enjoy spending time with persons of like-faith/worldview, have a conviction to grow the Illiana community, then please come aboard.

Trips Currently Available:

2023 Summer St. Louis Trip 

Help us out!

We’d love for you to help us by volunteering for one of our many fundraising events. From sponsoring the Pancake Pacer or Challenge to Ride to volunteering at Common Grounds to judging school presentations to contributing to the Echo, we’d love your involvement in the Illiana community. We want to keep you connected! It might be donating to the Annual Fund Drive or coaching one of sports teams, but no matter what we value you and your time, talent & treasure. 

C.O.P. Business Opportunities

One of the biggest ways Alumni can help out in the Illiana community is by offering your business to be part of the Career Opportunities Program. This program allows students to shadow different possible careers and ask any questions they may have. It gives them a look into real-world examples of job opportunities. You can read more about C.O.P. here. If you are interested in getting your business involved in this impactful program, please contact us!

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