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Admissions Process

Before you apply for admission to Illiana you will want to get to know the school. To do this we encourage you to explore this website thoroughly. Call the school and ask questions of the office staff, the counselors, or the principal. Request an informational packet. Review the course offerings, the programs, and the school rules. Attend an Open House and bring questions with you. You can also arrange to have a student visit the school for a day to “shadow” an Illiana student and experience what it is really like for students. Request a tour of the school. Ask others about Illiana Christian.

Illiana intends to be a school where evangelical Christian families can educate their children in a safe and stimulating environment that emphasizes the unique Christian perspective and values found in the home and the church. Families from schools that share our educational philosophy are admitted as a matter of course. These schools include Calvin Christian School, Crown Point Christian School, Highland Christian School, Lansing Christian School, Protestant Reformed Christian School, and Unity Christian School. Families using schools other than these elementary schools must apply for admission to the school.

Illiana admits families, not just students. Because of our covenantal understanding of the parents’ responsibility to provide education for their children, we do not just admit individual students but families. When a family is admitted it is our way of affirming that this family shares our goals and values for their children’s education. So once you are admitted to Illiana as a family, you do not need to apply for admission for a second or third child from your family.

The application for admission has three parts: home, school and church. The application itself is to be completed by the parents (part one). It should be accompanied by a report of the student’s academic performance (part two). This could be a transcript from the school but can also include copies of report cards, standardized test scores, etc. The application also includes a form to be completed by your pastor (part three). Give this to your pastor with the envelope provided and ask him to complete it and mail it directly to the school. You do not need to get letters of reference or recommendation from anyone else.

When the school receives all three of these parts of the application you will be contacted for a brief interview with the Admissions Committee. The interview is with members of Illiana’s school board and school representatives mainly to verify the information in the application. Both parents and the prospective student should attend the admission interview.

If you have any questions about the admissions process or admission criteria, please feel free to inquire at the school. We hope you will find it a pleasant process of getting to know each other to ensure that we are a good fit.