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Student Services

Our Mission

The Student Services Department coordinates and delivers the educational services necessary to provide students with or without special needs the opportunity to graduate successfully. We provide academic, social emotional, and behavioral support for students. It is an advocate throughout the school and community for all students to succeed academically at Illiana Christian High School.  

Homework Hall

Homework Hall is a supervised study hall where extra assistance is provided and will help to improve student’s daily work. Students are recommended by their classroom teachers.

Study Hall Tutoring

Tutoring done by another student within the student’s study hall.  This is a support offered for student who may need additional support outside the classroom.


Dorchaeus provides social emotional support to students.  This is a group of students who reach out to other students who are going through difficult times. It is led by a teacher and students who are chosen leaders.

Essential Classes

Essential classes are alternatives to the required core courses with modified curricular objectives employing a modified pace of instruction to create the opportunity for success for students not able to function well in the required core course, including students with disabilities.  The essential classes are taught by content-area faculty with support from the Student Services Department.  Generally, these classes will serve up to twenty students.  Students do not need a clinical diagnosis for eligibility to be scheduled into these classes.

We offer essential classes for English, Math, and Science.

Resource Learning Center (RLC)

A structured, small-group study hall (usually not more than ten students) in which students may receive tutoring, guidance with organization and planning, assistance in test preparation, and support with homework completion by a qualified teacher.  Tutoring in the RLC is coordinated by the Director of Student Services for qualifying students.

Students With IEP’s or 504 Plans
Our goal is to provide Christian Education to ALL students and families. With support from the Student Services Director, teachers will make a variety of accommodations or modifications in the classroom for eligible students.  We follow a student’s IEP or 504 from the public school and amend to an Illiana Choice Plan or Choice 504.  (There are specific forms that must be used to arrange for these accommodations.)

For questions or more information, contact the Student Services Director, Mrs. Heidi Teach, at