Media Center Services

Media Center Services

The Illiana Christian High School Media Center serves to support the curriculum, learning, and leisure reading of the students and staff. Because the Media Center is a new facility, there are many resources for Illiana students who are looking to ask questions about their Chromebooks or receive technological assistance.

We do not simply call this space the “Library” because its purpose is not to just hold books. Instead, the Media Center offers a space where students can do research or study and teachers can host classes. With floor to ceiling windows, desktop computers, comfortable workspaces, and encouraging posters on the wall, our Media Center is a beautiful space for productivity. The green and blue theme evident throughout the new Illiana building carries into the Media Center as well. There are tables looking out towards the windows, cushioned chairs for comfortable researching, and a large variety of books for both leisure and academic purposes.

Study hall students may visit the Media Center for research, study, or reading. Many students use this study hall period to be proactive with their homework. The Media Center has a collection of fiction and nonfiction books for students and staff. Many students use the books as first-hand resources for research projects giving them valuable experience in hard data research. Database subscriptions for research, computer workstations, and printing services are also available.

Teachers also take their classes to the Media Center to allow them space to research or utilize the new environment to keep them engaged. The Media Center also serves as a meeting or conference facility for committees and School Board teams. In addition to print and digital resources, there are also Media Center supervisors who are available to assist students in finding the books they need or pointing them in the right direction for tech issues. Some students work for the media center and learn more about the process of handling technological issues.

The benefits of this service and space are:

  • To offer students a place to get work done peacefully and quietly.
  • To have tangible resources for learning and leisure.
  • To host desktops for students who do not have this resource at home.
  • To give students access to free printing of papers or other projects.
  • To display an open-concept design and light-filled ambiance.
  • To have an extra space for meetings.
  • To offer students technological help on a regular basis.

The Media Center is open during school hours and for short periods before and after school.

Take a look inside of our Media Center! Students use this space regularly here at Illiana. How does our mission of faith-based learning tie into this space? Students use their God-given gifts and abilities to contribute to further their walk with Christ. There are numerous Bibles, biblical commentaries, devotionals and scriptural resources. Along with devoted Christian teachers and leaders, students discuss what it means to use resources like Chromebooks and other technologies to honor God. It is important to Illiana to teach students how to approach these ever-growing industries with discernment.

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