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Career Opportunity Program

The Career Opportunity Program (COP) is a parent-sponsored program that services junior and seniors students. Its purpose is two-fold:

  • To assist students in exploring career opportunities.
  • To expose students to men and women in career fields in which students have expressed interest.

The program is staffed by parent volunteers. Students are interviewed and their needs and career interests are assessed. Arrangements are then made for students to have a COP appointment, usually off campus, in which the student meets with a resource representative of a career in which the student has interest. During the appointment, students learn more about the particular career such as education required, future job outlook, wage and salary levels, benefits, working conditions and other factors pertaining to that career. This on the job exposure appointment generally takes from one hour to one full day. The total number of COP appointments that students have varies but is usually one or two each of the junior and senior years.  For more information, Amy Gibson can be reached at 219-558-7066 x20 or