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Welcome Letter

Mr. Peter Boonstra - Principal

The most important thing to know about Illiana is that it is a Christian school. That means a lot and we would like to tell you a bit more about just what kind of Christian school Illiana is and why that is so important. There are also many other things about Illiana that you should know, so please take some time to wade through this site and explore it. We have tried to arrange it logically and intuitively. We have tried to be thorough so that you can find out whatever you want to know about the school.

We consider this website a kind of introduction to Illiana Christian High School, but it is only an introduction. We invite you to open the cover and look inside. Feel free to call the school, visit the school, and ask around about the school.

My name is Peter Boonstra. I am the principal of Illiana Christian. I consider myself a servant of the school, willing to do what I can to make sure that Christian families not only find a safe wholesome environment here, but find Illiana to be a place that challenges and nurtures young men and women to grow and learn intellectually, emotionally, socially, and physically. For a school of about 525 students we have many programs, courses, and opportunities which together nurture and develop each student’s capacity and capability as contributors to God’s kingdom. 

Peter Boonstra, Principal