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What are the requirements to be admitted to Illiana Christian High School?

The basic requirement is that the families are Christians and are active in a Christian church. We also ask that the student is not on any academic or behavior discipline. Since our feeder schools use these same requirements, families from these schools are admitted automatically after completing an application. Those coming from other schools are asked to complete an application, submit previous grades, have their pastor submit a recommendation and participate in an interview.

What curriculum do you use?

We do not use any one published curriculum. We select the textbooks or digital curriculum that will best equip our students and teach all curriculum from a Christian perspective.

How many students per class?

The average class size is 20. Some band or choir classes have more than 50 students. Some Adavanced Placement classes might have less than ten.

Are your teachers certified?

Yes, we do require that all teachers have a Bachelor’s degree and be state certified. Also, our teachers are required to earn a Master’s degree in order to continue teaching at Illiana. Most of them have master’s degrees.

What are the school hours?

On a regular school day, homeroom begins at 7:45am and school is dismissed at 2:50pm.

Is Illiana Christian High School accredited?

We are fully accredited by AdvancED and Christian Schools International. We are also recognized by the State of Illinois.

Do the students wear uniforms?

No, the dress code requires modesty but not uniformity. The dress code can be found in the Parent-Student Handbook.

Do you require parents to do service hours?

Yes, parents or other family members must help in school fundraisers or pay a $200 fee for not participating.

Are you on a traditional school calendar year?

Yes, we start in late August and end in early June with traditional Christmas and Spring breaks.

Is lunch available for purchase daily?  

Lunch is available Monday-Friday! Milk and juice is also available. For more information, visit the Lunch program page.

Are books included in tuition?

Yes, tuition includes all but a few miscellaneous fees such as for the yearbook, a gym uniform, a trainer fee, or a special purpose book. Students receiving a Chromebook are expected to pay a $50 technology fee.

Are you a college prep school?

Yes and no, a large majority of our students go on to college (80%-90%) so we have a rigorous program of courses to prepare students well for college including several Advanced Placement and Dual-Credit courses. However, our mission is to serve all Christian families including those with students that are not college bound. Illiana also has a schedule of courses for vocational and domestic skills. We also have a variety of services for students with special needs.

What grading scale do you use?

All teachers at Illiana use a common, but difficult grading scale.

A        96-100
A-       92-95
B+      89-91
B         85-88
B-       82-84
C+      79-81
C        75-78
C-       72-74
D+      69-71
D         65-68
D-       62-64
F          61 and lower

Are you a diverse school?

At Illiana all families are united in Christ and are members of God's family.  The school has a strong Dutch Calvinist heritage, but it is more of a theological than an ethnic heritage.  Today the school enjoys a growing diversity with 22.5% of the student population being people of color.  More than 100 different congregations are represented by our students.